The Curve of the Lens

Something I enjoy, but haven’t spent a lot of time doing, is photography.  I enjoy capturing a solitary moment to hold it in the palm of my hand.  From time to time, I’ll reminisce about pictures I took as a teenager and compare them to what I’m taking now with my iPhone, and it is completely mind-blowing that I can take pictures like this on a whim.


This photo is what the “Curve” Daily Prompt brought to mind.

I used to daydream about having contact lenses that could take photos from the same perspective as my eyes.  While riding in a car, I would see a flock of birds fly by, and wish that I could keep that moment forever.  I remember seeing the launch video for Google Glass and thinking “Oh my goodness,  maybe my dream could come true!”  Sadly the abuse of privacy and social discomfort with the product prevented Glass from being available as a consumer product (Mind you, I fully understand and appreciate the concerns).

My love of photos is what ultimately drew me to instagram as a platform.  I thoroughly enjoy looking through photos I’ve taken and creating a new connection between the post and the image.  It allows me to create a different kind of emotional bond with my writing, and share another part of myself.


2 thoughts on “The Curve of the Lens

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